J4UK is part of an international group of companies operating under the J4 Europe banner which was founded in July 2008.

Each of these companies share one common goal: the production, development and supply of high quality aftermarket body panels for truck under our brand name, QTC® Quality Truck Components. Our core principles as a collective business are to build and sustain strong business relationships with our customers throughout the UK and further afield. This ensures the quality of our products is never compromised, they are then delivered promptly, and we are always looking to improve, increase and develop new components for the Truck aftermarket industry. Customer satisfaction is what drives the company forward, allowing us to successfully create strong business bonds with well-established branches and distributors throughout the United Kingdom.

Innovation has been an integral feature of our co-operation. All our high quality body panels are produced from fully recyclable raw material, which keeps the cost down without compromising on the quality of the parts. We understand that your truck is the source of your business, so you want to have complete confidence in the new parts that are being fitted, and this is why our products undergo stringent testing to guarantee their efficiency.